Sunday, August 2, 2009


Headsets, Bluetooth, hands-free devices, that allow drivers to pay attention to the road and talk at the same time are technological fixes that have become extemely popular in the last five years or so. Those who must talk while they are driving outfit themselves with these devices in order to avoid being ticketed. There are some downsides though, consumers, often complain about reception. So it takes some shopping around in order to purchase one that fits an individual's needs.

There are other devices that may deter teen cell phone usage while driving. The Key2Safe driving device, which has provisional patents, is a device that not only detects, but disables all phones while a vehicle is in motion. Another device, the Owner Compliance Key, has a similar concept.
However, there are new reports now that these hands-free devices may not be as much of a deterrent as previously thought. Crash data is showing that there is no advantage tousing these devices.

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